Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Aquarius zodiac love life

The Water Carrier 

Air Sign

January 21 - February 19


Positive Traits of Aquarius

In life and in love, Aquarians are very passionate people. They feel things strongly and don't hesitate to express those emotions to others. Some may perceive Aquarians as overly dramatic, but they actually tend to be quite logical and rarely let their emotions get the best of them. These strong emotions make them valuable friends who will listen and empathize with others; it also makeup’s them great counselors. Many Aquarians are attracted to humanitarian work and actively seek out ways to help others.
This passion can become a negative characteristic if it becomes too intense or if it arises as part of an argument. An Aquarian may hold a grudge in a serious disagreement and will continue to feel strongly about his or her point of view for a long time after the issue has been resolved. If you're dealing with an Aquarius and want to avoid this possible pitfall, try to keep your discussion light and informative, and focus on exchanging points of view rather than bringing emotions into the situation.

Negative Traits of Aquarius

Like most zodiac signs, the traditional traits of the Aquarius profile can turn negative at their worst moments. The sense of adventure and open-mindedness that so many people love about Aquarians can turn into extreme unpredictability in their actions, and that can tend to annoy people with whom they have close relationships. It's not beyond Aquarians to ignore traditional social graces or societal norms in favor of doing what they feel like; this can ruffle a lot of feathers.
The loyalty and passion of Aquarius can also manifest itself in the form of extreme stubbornness. Although people born under this sign are logical and mostly make good, practical decisions, they may stick rigidly to bad choices and questionable opinions as well. They have a tendency to criticize when others attack their personal actions and viewpoints. There may be no turning back if you've angered an Aquarius, but you can likely calm the stubborn feelings by backtracking and trying to appeal to this sign's more playful side.

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